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“We are made wise not by our recollection of our past, but by the
responsibility for our future”

 George Bernard Shaw

Our Mission

Outbound Care’s mission is to provide a trusted and nurturing home environment designed to both develop and prepare young people for a successful transition into adulthood.

Our Goal

It is Outbound Care’s goal to successfully provide the following to our children:

•  Well-equipped and comfortable housing.

•  A qualified, skilled and progress-oriented workforce dedicated to both their social and professional progression.

•  Full transparency with relevant local authorities.

•  Curriculum compliant education.


At Outbound Care, we provide a bespoke service tailored towards meeting the individual needs of our children. This bespoke and malleable approach has successfully achieved proven positive results for disadvantaged young people.

•  24 Hour Referral Line
•  Referrals (including UK Wide Collection and Transport Division)

•  Nurturing Placements with Therapeutic Input

We Offer

Within our Children’s Care Homes we offer placements for Children & Young People from the ages of 8 to 18.


We offer:

  Nurturing Environment

  High Level of Staffing - Robust On-boarding Processes

  Off-site Education

  Small Homes ran by a Family-oriented Organisation


Our homes reflect that of a family home and have no more than two young people residing at any one time. We have a rigorous matching process to ensure that we are best suited to support any child that lives with us. Our homes are exactly that - a home. We never call them 'units'.


Our recruitment process ensures that we select the best people to work with our children. Our staff take on the responsibilities of a parent, and this is what we look for during the interview process.


We don't just support our children, we care about them & their well-being. We treat each child as an individual, and work towards encouraging ways to engage them to be the best they can be.


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