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About Outbound Care

“We are made wise not by our recollection of our past, but by the
responsibility for our future”

 George Bernard Shaw


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Referrals Team


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07407 813800

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Here at Outbound Care, we understand that in order to accomplish what we have set out in our mission statement, providing the best possible levels of education for our children & young people plays a vital part in achieving their individually established goals.

Through our 'Outbound' approach, we use a method like no other, thus giving our young people the most genuinely practical means towards the best start in life, and a step towards a brighter future.

Our unique approach is tailored to each young person, enabling them to adapt and thrive based upon their own individual interests and goals.

During the young persons time with us they will undertake an initial assessment and from this, we will identify what they enjoy and what they would like to explore, along with highlighting strengths and places for improvement. 

The young person will have an assigned key-worker who alongside the homes manager, will discuss with them the options at their disposal to ensure that they achieve the best outcomes possible in meeting their aims.

At Outbound Care we do not believe in setting children or young people up to fail. We work towards ensuring continued engagement by treating each young person with a holistic approach. Through ensuring that their education is delivered at a pace that is achievable, realistic positive outcomes are proven to be attainable.

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